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Pipe benders can be divided into CNC pipe benders, Hydraulic Pipe Benders and other types. Among them, hydraulic pipe benders are mainly used for electric power construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration and other pipeline laying and maintenance, etc. In terms of multiple functions, reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient operation, and fast installation, it is loved by many manufacturing industries.

It is understood that many Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturers will encounter pipe bending defects in the pipe bending machine during the processing process, but this is because the small radius bending process characteristics of the pipe bending determine the thinning of the arc outer wall, which is inevitable. Therefore, in order to avoid excessive thinning, a commonly used effective method is to use a pipe bender with a booster device on the side or a pusher on the tail to offset part of the resistance of the elbow, improve the stress distribution on the cross section of the pipe, and The sexual layer is removed to achieve the purpose of reducing the thinning of the outer wall of the pipeline. Next, Zhangjiagang Huafang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will lead everyone to explore how to prevent pipe bending defects in pipe bending machines.

Pipe Benders

Pipe Benders

For pipe fittings with severe flattening outside the arc

When carrying out coreless bends, the compression die is designed with a reverse deformation groove structure: when carrying out cored bends, the appropriate mandrel should be selected and installed correctly. When installing the mold, ensure that The axis of the pipe groove of each component is on the same horizontal plane.

For wrinkles inside the arc

Corresponding measures should be taken according to the wrinkled area. If wrinkles appear at the front cutting point, the position of the mandrel should be adjusted to achieve reasonable support for the pipe during bending: when the rear cutting point is wrinkled, an anti-wrinkle block should be installed to ensure that the anti-wrinkle block is installed correctly and the pressure of the die should be adjusted To the appropriate location.

If the inner side of the arc is full of wrinkles, it means that the diameter of the mandrel used is too small, the gap between the mandrel and the pipe wall is too large, or the pressing force is too small, so that the pipe will be in contact with the bending die during the bending process. The anti-wrinkle block fits nicely. Therefore, the mandrel should be replaced, and the compression mold should be adjusted to make the mold force appropriate.

For bending springback phenomenon

The compensation method and the correction method are mainly used to control. The compensation method is based on the comprehensive analysis of the influence factors of the bending springback, according to various situations and springback trends in the bending process, to estimate the springback amount in advance.

When designing and manufacturing the mold, the size and geometry of the working parts of the male and female molds were modified to achieve "excessive" bending.

The correction method is to take measures in the mold structure to concentrate the correction force at the corners, change the stress state, eliminate elastic deformation, and overcome springback. For example, when bending is applied while pulling force is applied, the entire section is under tensile stress. When unloading The elastic recovery is consistent with the direction of deformation, thereby significantly reducing springback.

For the case of pipe bending and cracking on the outside of the arc

First of all, ensure that the pipe has a good heat treatment state, and then check whether the pressure of the compression die is too large, adjust the pressure appropriately to ensure that there is good lubrication between the mandrel and the pipe wall, so as to reduce the resistance of the pipe and the inner wall of the pipe and the mandrel. Friction.

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