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CNC Automatic Elbow Beveling Machine From Liming 1994

      Pipe groove refers to a slope formed by grinding the interface when welding pipes. Common groove types are: butt groove and fillet groove (in order to distinguish butt joint and general butt weld in engineering, they are divided into butt joint, bevel fillet joint and fillet joint). There are 45 degrees, 30 degrees, V-shaped, U-shaped and I-shaped. The specific groove form is selected according to different pipe wall thickness. Butt groove mainly includes: K-type, V-type, X-type, U-type, Y-type, UV type, VV type, etc. generally, V-type is selected for 3mm-10mm, and U-type is selected for more than 10mm. Fillet groove: T-shaped, lap, J-shaped, etc. according to the design or process needs, the welding parts to be welded into a certain geometry groove is called groove. The purpose of beveling is to get a full penetration weld on the thickness of the weldment. Groove forms are formulated in GB985-88 basic forms and dimensions of gas welding, manual arc welding and gas shielded welding groove and GB986-88 basic forms and dimensions of submerged arc welding groove: common groove forms include I-shaped groove, Y-shaped groove, U-shaped groove with blunt edge, double Y-shaped groove, unilateral V-shaped groove with blunt edge, etc
Groove is mainly for welding workpiece to ensure welding quality. According to the groove form, the pipeline groove is mainly divided into V-groove, Y-groove, U-groove, double V-groove and x-groove. V-groove is the most widely used groove type with simple processing and low processing cost. It is mainly used in the occasions where the pipe wall thickness is not more than 12mm. U-groove and double V-groove have small filling amount and high welding efficiency, but it is difficult to process and high processing cost. It is generally used when the wall thickness exceeds 12mm.

       Industrial grade butt welded stainless steel pipe fittings are connected with pipes by butt welding, that is to say, the ends of pipes and elbows are aligned, and then they are connected by argon arc welding. This kind of connection is very reliable, but the requirements are also very high.

       First of all, the butt welding connection requires the elbow and pipe processing qualified groove, so that there is enough filling space at the weld, so that the welding is more sufficient, so as to ensure the welding quality.

       Generally speaking, for stainless steel elbow with thickness of 2mm and below, there is no requirement for groove processing. Because the wall is thin, it is easy to penetrate and form when welding, so there is no need to process groove.

       Generally, for stainless steel elbows less than 20 mm, the groove requirements are single slope, and the welding quality is also guaranteed. However, for stainless steel elbows and stainless steel pipes with a thickness of more than 20 mm, the processing is required to conform to the groove, so as to ensure that there is not only enough space for fusion welding, but also scattered connections, so that the welding quality is better.

        The groove of stainless steel elbow, the specific requirements according to the standards of different countries, there are some differences, specific to customer requirements and the implementation of standards. For duplex steel pipe, elbow and stainless steel butt welding flange, the requirements of welding groove are more strict
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