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The automatic pipe bender can realize multi-step programming function and can also realize automatic operation. It helps to improve production efficiency. The Hydraulic Pipe Bender adopts steel plate welding structure to eliminate the stress during vibration. In addition, the hydraulic pipe bender is high-quality imported seal, so it is relatively stable and reliable. The main working mode of most pipe benders is the upper piston press, and its driving force has obvious characteristics, which has a lot to do with the production process of the pipe bender mold. But it is undeniable that the production safety of the pipe bender is higher. The safety items that should be paid attention to during normal use include:

The working characteristic of the Automatic Pipe Bender is that the pressure is composed of two hydraulic cylinders working in parallel, and the pressure is vertically downward. Pressure can drive the bending beam mold to perform bending work. The typical bending process of the upper bending beam has multiple stages and links, including downward movement, static, decompression, and return.


Hydraulic Pipe Bender

1. move down

The downward fast closing movement of the ordinary Pipe Bender is usually a free fall type, that is, the movement is produced by the weight of the pipe bender itself. But instead of manufacturing CNC pipe bender molds, it uses hydraulic cylinder rodless cavity to generate pressure, so the fast forward speed can reach 250mm/s, which is more suitable for producing more powerful molds.

2. Static

The automatic pipe bender is in the static position, and the upper bending beam is at the upper dead center. This state is to prevent uncontrolled downward movement and reduce safety risks.

3. Decompression

There is no need to stay in the rod cavity or reach the bottom dead center to reduce pressure. The dwell time after starting can further improve the accuracy of the workpiece. Both holding and decompression can be controlled by a proportional directional valve. The operating cycle time can be customized as required. When you need to decompress, you can shorten the decompression time as much as possible, but the decompression curve should not be too steep and as stable as possible.

4. Return

This involves a larger return speed, which mainly depends on the flow rate of the pump and the pressure bearing area of the hydraulic cylinder rod cavity. Generally speaking, the faster the speed, the higher the return efficiency. The backhaul also needs to be synchronized.

5. Stamping and bending

The next stage is stamping and bending, which is a key link in the production of pipe bending machine molds, as well as a key link in the production of pipe bending machine molds. The punching speed is limited by the amount of oil supplied by the oil pump, and also by the manual intervention of the proportional valve reversing valve.

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