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1. Record the reverberation time and the noise value of each noise source in the Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Pipe Bender workshop. The longer the reverberation time, it means that the sound is reflected many times in the workshop, and the energy decay rate is slow. Under the same sound source condition, the workshop with a long reverberation time is louder than the workshop with a short reverberation time.

2, The choice of sound-absorbing materials. The noise enters the sound-absorbing cotton through the small holes of the perforated plate. Part of the energy is converted into heat energy by the vibration of the glass wool. The other part is isolated by the outer steel plate to achieve the purpose of common absorption and separation.

Induction Bending Machine

Induction Bending Machine

3. Because the noise is to be reduced, a closed space is created, so it is necessary to increase the lighting system. In order to maintain the lighting required for production and later Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine maintenance, the design illumination has reached more than 500 lumens. The lighting system of the enclosed body is individually wired and independently switched, which is convenient to use without affecting the original power supply system. In addition, in order to prevent a sudden power outage in the workshop, an emergency lighting system should be installed in the closed space.

4. After the production line is completely closed, there will be many blind spots. Although there are observation windows on the closed wall, the visible range has been greatly reduced. Therefore, the installation of a production line management system can monitor the production situation inside and outside the production line in real time, and detect abnormal conditions in time.

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