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The Cold Elbow Machine Exporter used by exporters of cold bending machines in China are basically domestic products. Domestic products can meet the needs of most users of pipe bending machines in terms of quality and reliability. About 60%~70% of the domestic popular CNC pipe bending machines are domestic products, but it should be pointed out that about 80% of these domestic CNC pipe bending machines are using foreign products. In terms of high-end pipe bending machines, domestic products can only account for about 2%, basically rely on imports. In terms of market demand, low-end pipe benders and mid-range pipe benders account for about 50% and 40%, respectively, and the demand for high-end CNC pipe benders is about 10%. So what are the basic items that need to be done in the process of bending machine? Taiwan and experts tell you:

(1) Reduce the roughness of the outer wall surface of the workpiece

The roughness of the outer wall of the workpiece is related to the surface roughness of the ring groove on the wheel of the pipe bender, as well as the nature and quality of the pipe. In order to make the workpiece look smoother after machining, as long as the surface of the ring groove on the wheel is coated with suitable lubricant during the machining process, the friction between the surfaces that are in contact with each other during operation is reduced, so that the bent metal can be guaranteed The roughness of the outer wall of the tube meets the requirements of the index.

(2) Accuracy of pipe section shape

Acquisition of tube section shape accuracy depends on the accuracy of the pipe bending machine assembly and the accuracy of the shape of the ring groove on the processing wheel and the anti-deformation wheel. As long as the operator ensures the position accuracy of the two annular grooves on the assembled pipe bender, and retains a sufficient dimensional allowance according to the principle of material elastic-plastic deformation, a relatively high tube section shape accuracy can be obtained.

(3) Guarantee the error limit of the bending arc length of the pipe

According to the design drawing of the workpiece, the bending arc length of the metal pipe should be controlled within the accuracy range specified in the drawing.

In recent years, the application of Cold Forming Elbow Machine in the processing of fine pipe fittings has become more and more extensive, and the use is more and more ordinary, which puts forward higher requirements on the accuracy of the pipe bending machine. Therefore, in recent years, this problem has become more and more recognized and valued by Cold Elbow Machine Factory.

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