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In the manufacturing process of the Bending Pipe Machine, molds are used in almost all links such as forming molds, hot molds, cold molds, and plastic molds. In addition, automobiles, high-speed trains, general machinery manufacturing, and the wood processing industry, which has gradually expanded in recent years, have become major users of the mold industry. Hydraulic press manufacturer.

The installation of the Hydraulic Press Manufacturer mold is a very important job. The installation of the mold requires the installer to have the professional knowledge of operating the pipe bender and adjusting the bend mold appropriately, which is more important for the quality of the pipe bender. It must be noted that the mold must be suitable for the size of the equipment, but any pipe that is bent more than the original value will cause excessive load on the instrument, which will cause the mechanical performance to fail. In addition, it may also reach the personnel in operation.

The Hydraulic Press Manufacturer recommend to ensure good ventilation in the surrounding area. When unplugging the plug-in of the machine tool, it may be necessary to grasp the plug-in by hand to pull it out, and it is not appropriate to directly pull the wire to pull out, or it will not cause the welding inside the plug-in to loosen, and the plug-in is not often used. Don't collide with the machine's encoder and other fragile parts with hard objects, otherwise it will cause damage to the automatic pipe bending machine.

The working principle and process of the oil pipe part of the pipe bender, the work affair of the pipe bender becomes the hydraulic oil output by the electric fuel injector, and is sent into the working oil cylinder through the high-pressure oil pipe. , Bending the pipe through the bent pipe parts. The oil pipe can be selected according to the pressure and the operation occasion. The oil pipe needs sufficient strength, the inner wall should be smooth, the clean pipeline requires short lines, the turning and the need are few, the less is better, and the exhaust device is installed. gas. The oil pipe of the elbow requires that its suction pipe must not leak air, nor have too much resistance in the morning, to maintain the smoothness of intake or oil absorption.

Under the new technological situation, how to actively adapt to changes, expand ideas, and promote technological innovation with the spirit of reform and innovation will become a key development path that bender manufacturers must pay attention to. 

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