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Cold Forming Elbow Machine is a general name for a class of machines, it can have a more detailed division method. Generally speaking, the use of pipe benders in industrial construction is still relatively large, and it is considered to be a more important machine, so everyone must understand the use of pipe benders.

What should we pay attention to when using the cold bending elbow machine? Exporters of Cold Elbow Machine Exporter that the workplace should be fenced. Before operation, it should be run with no load, and after confirming that it is normal, then mold the elbow. The pipe mold should be selected according to the diameter of the processed pipe and placed in order. Do not add oil between the pipe and the pipe mold.

The machine parts should be clamped, and the guide plate supporting mechanism should be changed in time according to the direction of the elbow. During operation, non-operating and auxiliary personnel are not allowed to stop and watch around the machine. After the operation, the power supply should be cut off, the electric lock box should be locked, and daily maintenance work should be done.

Bending machine can only guarantee the quality of the bending pipe and the safety of the work, the maintenance of the machine, and the long-term durability only by strictly following the 7 operating rules of the bending machine.

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