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Many people may not know that the Hydraulic Bending Machine corrects the product by checking the radial runout of the workpiece after the first roll and marking all positions. Use a four-jaw chuck to adjust the concave part of the workpiece to the height of the machine rotation center, which is proportional to the bending size of the workpiece, and then roll the second time, and then use a dial indicator to adjust the clamping force of the four-jaw chuck . Use claws to correct the workpiece. Then use a dial indicator to check for bending. If the workpiece is still bent, use the above method to adjust the workpiece, and then perform the third rolling until the desired flatness of the workpiece is obtained.

At present, for hydraulic pipe benders, Beveling Machines and other pipeline processing equipment, whether it is furniture manufacturing, medical equipment, sports equipment, etc., pipeline structures are very popular in the manufacturing industry. Driven by the overall environment, our hydraulic pipe benders, pipe cutting machines, pipe end forming machines and other pipe processing machine tools have also had a very obvious breakthrough trend in recent years. We also have many advantages, such as price and after-sales service. Especially in recent years, the types of China's machine tool industry have increased, and the quality and performance of products have also been greatly improved. Further learning from developed countries, coupled with the overall development of CNC technology, China's machine tool parts industry has made great progress, and we also see the bright prospects of the machine tool industry.

Beveling Machines

Beveling Machines

Due to the steady growth of China's economy, China's machine tool parts industry will also show a steady development trend. Market share will continue to grow. This driving effect enables China's machine tool industry to continue to develop, but there are also some shortcomings, and of course there is also a good room for development.

The development of machine tool accessories must be driven by the overall development of the machine tool industry. This has to mention the development prospects of China's machine tool industry. If China's machine tool industry wants more stable and faster development, it must carry out comprehensive CNC reform and innovation so that a series of machine tool parts industries can continue to develop. However, most of China's machine tool parts factories are still relatively short of funds, which has a huge impact on technological innovation and reform. This is also an important point for China's failure to make rapid progress at the component level. This has become an obstacle to the development of the Hydraulic Press Machine tool industry. Compared with international technology, machine tool parts made in China still lag behind developed countries in technology, quality and performance.

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