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The CNC pipe bender adopts touch screen and CNC module for dialogue operation. Programming is simple and easy. The bed structure is stable and not easy to deform. Each file can set 16 bending angles, and the memory can store 16 groups of files. With slow positioning function, stable bending angle, repeat accuracy ±0.1°. The error message is displayed on the screen to help the operator eliminate the error message immediately. Provide the processing value of the coordinate conversion elbow developed by yourself. The software can be installed on a desktop computer for editing and calculations.

The upper tool rest of the Pipe Bender swings around a fixed axis during the cutting process. Through leverage, the fulcrum has a smaller force, which can increase the life of the cutting edge and the life of the machine. The whole machine has a compact structure, and the stroke of the upper tool post can be adjusted infinitely, which greatly improves the work efficiency. So what are the performance and characteristics of CNC pipe bending?

Hydraulic Machine

Hydraulic Machine

1. Frame: A frame-like structure welded by steel plates, with excellent rigidity and stability. The two-cylinder equipment is fixed on both sides of the frame, and the upper tool holder swings up and down with the support shaft as the center. An auxiliary tool holder is provided on the working surface to facilitate small adjustments to the lower blade. The feed steel ball is installed on the worktable panel to facilitate the pushing of the plate.

2. Pressurization equipment: It is composed of a group of pressurized oil cylinders on the front beam of the equipment. After the pressure oil cylinder enters the pressure oil, it overcomes the tension of the tension spring and presses the pressure head downward. After the cutting is completed, it is reset by the tension of the spring. The size of the pressing force increases or decreases with the thickness of the slice.

3. Front and back material: Place the front material on the working surface and indicate the value with a ruler. The backrest block is located under the horizontal plate of the upper knife holder and moves up and down with the upper knife holder. The adjustment of the back gauge is driven by a motor and a reducer. Press the adjustment button "+" or "-" on the operation panel to adjust the front and rear direction of the rear stop. The direction value of the rear baffle is displayed by the digital display installed on the upper left of the front cross beam of the machine.

4. The hydraulic system of the Hydraulic Machine: it is composed of a plunger pump, a valve block, an auxiliary pipe, etc. The hydraulic valve adopts superimposed valve series, low noise, stable operation, simple pipeline installation, convenient maintenance and good safety performance.

5. Electrical control system: the equipment electrical control system uses famous brand products, which is easy to operate and maintain. The power supply 380V/50Hz main switch has the functions of short-circuit maintenance and overload maintenance of the main motor.

Compared with pendulum hydraulic pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender has the following advantages:

1. The cutting angle can be adjusted. The price of the Hydraulic Pipe Bender can choose a balance point between the plate torsion and the shear force, and can be adjusted briefly according to the actual situation.

2. The upper and lower knives move in parallel, the shearing force is concentrated, and the blade wear is small. There is no sliding friction on the piston rod of the cylinder, and the ball head will not wear.

3. The gap adjustment is simple. The gap adjustment equipment is a three-point lever structure, which is convenient and labor-saving, and can be adjusted appropriately. The upper and lower blades are rectangular and are available on all four sides.

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