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First talk about the development process of the hydraulic cylinder of Hydraulic Press. The first is based on the force of each stage of the hydraulic cylinder. When the hydraulic cylinder is lowered, the external load is mainly the inertial force of the linkage component and the friction force of the piston or the wall cylinder. There is no load in the whole process; when pressing, the moving component In the process of rapid decline, the external load is the external load when pressing; when the pressure is maintained, the task of the hydraulic cylinder is heavier, the frictional resistance of the moving parts is overcome, and the elastic force is not deformed; when the returning stroke, the hydraulic cylinder is still It is necessary to overcome the self-weight of the moving parts and the frictional resistance of the moving parts.

The second is to talk about the formulation of the hydraulic cylinder load force in Hydraulic Press Supplier. In general, three mandatory data are drawn: when it is fast falling, when it is suppressed, when it is fast. There is also a pressing condition when the primary system has the highest working pressure load. At other times, the load is not too high.

Hydraulic Press

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