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The top-expansion Pipe Expanding Machine is equipped with medium-frequency heating equipment, which can quickly and evenly control the heating of the document material and the uniform deformation of the material. It is to refine the micro-distribution of the pipe material and improve the performance of the material machine to ensure the uniformity of the pipe body performance. Although the equipment has the advantages of low investment, short equipment cycle, good product quality, high precision, high yield, etc., but there are also secondary materials, so the length of the fixed length should shrink accordingly, and the production rate of the single machine is slow. The annual output is only 5,000-8000 tons.

Up to now, the two-step propulsion High Quality Induction Pipe Bending Machine - China's top-extension expansion model has passed 10 births since its birth, is a strength is a shortcoming, it has been played for people and has been promoted throughout, two-step propulsion expansion skills Made a great tribute to the Chinese steel pipe industry. Moreover, due to the internal force between the solid plate of the cylinder core rod and the mandrel blank tube, the rigidity structure of the device is greatly simplified. The model of the push-up pipe expander was invented in Germany in the 50th century, and the model of the elbow pusher was introduced to China from Japan in the middle of the 80-year period. In 1997, it was reformed in China and acquired intellectual property rights. It was named as a two-step hydraulic propulsion pipe expanding machine. The principle of the equipment is simple, and only the hydraulic push plate will be placed on the firm hot material pipe with the expanded taper mandrel. The expansion of the diameter is completed by pushing the expansion cone. The expansion process is only produced between the mandrel, the material tube and the coherent firmly connected parts, so the stress line is extremely short. The two-step advancement eliminated the length of the hydraulic cylinder by nearly half, so the installation cost of the equipment was lowered at a higher level and it was important to process the length limit of the cylinder processing from the process.

Pipe Expanding Machine

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