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The third is the main structural dimensions of the hydraulic cylinder of Hydraulic Press. First determine the piston diameter of the hydraulic cylinder, followed by the diameter of the piston rod, each has its own formula, and will not be described here. Of course, the wall thickness of the hydraulic cylinder is also very important. It is determined according to the process and structure when it is determined. This is no longer said. The expansion is not a sentence that can be explained.

After the preparation of the hydraulic cylinder, let's talk about other preparation and selection process in Hydraulic Press Manufacturer. First, the choice of hydraulic pump depends on the maximum flow required by the entire hydraulic system. Because the function of the hydraulic pump is to supply oil to the hydraulic system, in general, according to Q=A*V and the pressure required for the rod cavity to enter the oil. Determine the technical parameters of the hydraulic pump; the choice of the motor is also very important, generally determine the motor power according to the larger power, the motor power must be the driving power of the heavy rain hydraulic pump; the choice of hydraulic oil generally chooses the hydraulic with strong wear resistance oil.

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