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The four-column Hydraulic Press is a device that uses hydraulic transmission technology for pressure processing and is one of the most widely used equipment in product molding production. Compared with other presses, it has pressure and speed to be steplessly adjusted in a wide range. It can output all power and maintain the required pressure at any position, and the structure is flexible. The actuators can easily achieve the desired action. Cooperation and other advantages. Therefore, hydraulic presses have been increasingly used in all walks of life in China's national economy, especially in the field of plastic processing.

There are many factors that affect the quality of Hydraulic Press Price, and the design level of hydraulic presses is a very critical factor. The focus of the hydraulic press design is the frame design, which is determined by the force and structural characteristics of the frame. The hydraulic machine body is an important part of the hydraulic machine. Its weight accounts for more than the weight of the whole machine. The design level of the hydraulic machine body has a decisive influence on the manufacturing cost, technical performance and service life of the hydraulic machine.

The development of hydraulic machine design theory and method has experienced several stages of experience design, numerical calculation and optimization design. In the empirical design stage, the material mechanics simplified method is used to calculate the strength and stiffness of the main components. The frame is simplified to the plane steel frame of the material mechanics category, the beam is simplified to the simply supported beam of the material mechanics category, and then the strength is performed according to the material mechanics method. Stiffness check. Although most of the confirmed structures have been proved to be safe, there are drawbacks such as long design cycle, redundant structure, and conservative use of materials, resulting in large product weight, high cost, low efficiency, weakened product competitiveness, and lack of The verification of the rationality of the design results, the calculation results are often far from the measured values.

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