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Today Hydraulic Pipe Bender Supplier will teach you how to distinguish the quality of the pipe bender and choose a good pipe bender.

Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Here we mainly explain in four points:

1. Measure the main parameters of the Hydraulic Pipe Bender: leave the pipe bender in a dry running state, touch each mold block with your hand, and there should be no jitter in the hand, otherwise it will be regarded as a substandard product.

2. Install the equipment on the mold, crimp a sample joint, use a caliper or a micrometer to measure the crimp joint, the roundness and taper should be buckled within 0.1mm, which is considered excellent.

3. Then check the uniform division of the eight petals of the mold base and the flushness of the mold. Good equipment will specifically control and adjust these two parameters, while some low-quality equipment does not control the above two parameters.

4. Finally, mold base hardness and mold hardness are also the key to the normal use of the equipment in the future. When the mold base hardness is lower than Rockwell HRC60 and the mold hardness is lower than Rockwell HRC50, it will affect the withholding quality of the hose.

To produce a high-quality Fully Automatic Pipe Bending Machine, in the production process, we also need to pay attention to the stability of the pipe bending machine. In summary, it includes two aspects, one is its coincidence and the other is pressure. table. Only when these two aspects meet the requirements, can the machine tool and the pipe bender die not be damaged, and the quality requirements of the bent workpiece can be guaranteed. The pipe bending machine mold on the pipe bending machine is divided into two parts: upper and lower parts. Coincidence is the overlap of the upper and lower molds of the pipe bender. In addition, it is divided into longitudinal overlap and horizontal overlap. In longitudinal overlap, pay attention to the gap between the two, not too large or too small. Therefore, when adjusting the gap, you also need to pay attention to the adjustment of the pressure gauge.

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