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What are the factors that affect the shape of the elbow in the Steel Pipe Hydro Tester elbow pushing process? Through the study of the influence of billet, mandrel, temperature and advancing rate on the radius of curvature of the elbow, the degree of non-circularity of the section and the wall thickness, it is concluded that D/Dp (the diameter of the elbow section/outer diameter of the billet) is 1.33~1.40; b/a (core rod elliptical section long axis / mandrel elliptical section short axis) = 1.06 ~ 1.10; WB36 material heating temperature highest point = 880 ~ 900 ° C, A335 P22 material heating temperature highest point = 900 ~ 920 ° C; ≤1000δ/2 D (δ—elbow wall thickness, D—elbow cross-sectional diameter).

The main parameters of the shape of the Hydro Tester for Steel Pipe have a radius of curvature R, a section non-circularity and a wall thickness perpendicular to the radius of curvature radius. The process parameters affecting the shape of the elbow are: the material of the billet for pushing, the wall thickness and outer diameter, the material and shape of the mandrel head, the heating temperature and its distribution, and the advancing rate.

Steel Pipe Hydro Tester

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