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Now the rapid development of the machinery industry, the product performance of the Steel Pipe Bending Machine is constantly being promoted, the introduction of various foreign advanced technologies, the continuous development of the CNC system, the small pipe bending machine manufacturer, the application in the pipe processing industry, so that The precision of pipe fittings is greatly improved, and the obedience of things is also promoted very quickly.

However, the Steel Pipe Hydrostatic Testing Machine will encounter some problems in the long-term operation process. The simple staff who hinder the machine maintenance are more easy to handle. If there are four problems, it is necessary to repair it in time:

1. The wear level of important parts transmitted is limited, and there are also yaw, very noisy, shocking and trembling signs.

2. The steering wear gap is too large, the operation is hindered, the transmission gear and the shaft are severely worn, the difficulty or the jump is often changed, the brake mechanism is severely worn, the braking performance is degraded or invalid, and the medium can not be adjusted.

3. The performance index of the engine falls by 20%, and the solid value of the oil in the cylinder of the engine temperature is more than 1 times of the pressure in the cylinder. When it is measured above 45 °C, it is less than the required index of 60%.

4. The frame is deformed or cracked, the working equipment is seriously worn, the operation is obstructed, the normal amount of things or the accuracy of the things cannot be achieved, the running gear is seriously worn, and the bending machine cannot be normal.

Steel Pipe Bending Machine

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