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Hydraulic Press Machine is often used in production processing, and processes such as cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming all require the use of a press. The hydraulic press exerts strong pressure on the metal blank to cause plastic deformation and fracture of the metal, and under pressure, some things that are not easy to be formed are formed, so as to be processed into various parts. However, the purchase of hydraulic press is a science, and even users who can operate and use the hydraulic press are confused about how to buy a more suitable hydraulic press. At present, there are many hydraulic press manufacturers on the market, and fish eyes are mixed. Many people may choose to buy for the sake of cheap prices for the time being, which will not save money in the long run. Seriously, good products are not really cheap, and conversely, cheap ones do not have good quality assurance. There is an optimal combination of product price and quality, which is generally referred to as cost-effectiveness and "value for money." Expensive is not necessarily the best for a machine such as a hydraulic press, but the best must not be too cheap. Customers are advised to consult, inspect and pay more attention to details. Various factors such as machine stability and after-sale should be comprehensively considered, and then evaluated in various aspects before choosing to buy. So how should you choose? The supplier of Induction Heating Pipe Bending Machine will tell you next.

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine

1. Selection of hydraulic press types There are various types of hydraulic presses, with different stiffness, accuracy, and uses. They should be reasonably selected according to the nature of the production process, batches, mold conditions, and accuracy requirements. Generally, large production batches and mostly small and medium-sized parts can be used with crank hydraulic presses that are easy to operate and have high production efficiency; if it is used to produce deep drawing parts such as laundry tubs, it is best to use hydraulic presses for drawing.

2. According to your actual needs, determine the purchase specifications, you should follow the following principles:

(1) The user has to figure out what the company is processing the workpiece, and does it have special requirements for the hydraulic press? At the same time, a certain margin is left, and the demand after expanding the scale of the enterprise is considered.

(2) The nominal pressure of the hydraulic press must be greater than the stamping process force. However, for processes with long working strokes, it is not only necessary to meet the size of the process force, but it must also consider satisfying its workload curve.

(3) The number of strokes of the hydraulic press shall meet the requirements of productivity.

(4) The stroke of the slider of the hydraulic press should be such that the required dimensions can be obtained in the height of the part, and it can be smoothly taken out from the mold after the stamping process is completed. For stretched parts, the stroke should be more than twice the height of the part. The closing height of the hydraulic press, the size of the work surface, the size of the slider, and the size of the die shank must meet the requirements for the correct installation of the mold. For a crank press, the closing height of the mold should be the maximum and minimum mold height of the press. 

3.Select manufacturer

As the saying goes, if you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen it. The quality of the hydraulic press directly affects the production efficiency. As a buyer, I definitely want to buy the best hydraulic machine for the least price. After contacting a number of manufacturing companies and obtaining information on prices, parameters, and payment methods, the most important thing is to choose to buy. Machine tool after-sales is generally provided by the manufacturer. Buying directly from the manufacturer can save money and ensure worry-free after-sales. Therefore, we must pay attention to whether the other party is a real manufacturer and whether it can provide timely and thoughtful after-sales service. It is best to go to the manufacturer's site to check the production scale and actual processing capacity. Check whether the appearance design of the hydraulic press is reasonable, whether the spray painting is uniform and smooth, and the outer surface is smooth and free of pitting.

The above is the sharing of Hydraulic Press Exporter, I hope to help everyone.

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