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Today, Hydraulic Press Exporter will share with you some tips for maintaining hydraulic press components.

First, regular tightening

Due to vibration and shock during normal use of the hydraulic machine, the oil pipe joints and fastening nuts will become loose. If the hydraulic machine is not strengthened in time, it will cause oil leakage or cause accidents. Therefore, the nuts and Connectors, etc. are tightened.

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine

Second, replace the seals regularly

Seals are one of the most important components in Hydraulic Press Machine. Poor sealing effect or poor quality seals will cause equipment failure.

(1) Gap seals are often used in hydraulic valves. The gap amount should be controlled within a certain range. The increase of the gap amount seriously affects the sealing effect. Therefore, the gap seal should be checked regularly, and the relevant components should be replaced and repaired in time if problems are found.

(2) The sealing effect of the seal is related to the seal structure, material, working pressure, use and installation and other factors. At present, elastic seals are generally used as rubber seals. After long-term use, these rubber seals will naturally age, and because they work under pressure for a long time, they will also deform for a long time and lose their sealability, so they must be replaced regularly. At present, the service life of domestic seals is generally about one year.

3. Regularly clean or replace the filter

After a period of use of the oil filter, the impurities on the filter core accumulate more and more, which not only affects the filtering ability, but also increases the flow resistance, increases the oil temperature, and the pump generates noise. Therefore, check, clean or replace the filter regularly. General hydraulic presses can be cleaned once every 2 months.

Fourth, clean the fuel tank regularly

The oil tank of the hydraulic machine has the effect of depositing impurities. As the working time increases, the dirt at the bottom of the oil tank accumulates and is sometimes sucked into the system by the hydraulic pump, causing the system to malfunction. Therefore, the fuel tank should be cleaned regularly, usually every 6 months, and special attention must be paid to the internal cleaning of the fuel tank when replacing the oil.

5. Regularly clean the pipeline

The dirt in the oil will also accumulate in the pipes and oil circuit blocks. The longer the service life, the more dirt accumulates. This not only increases the resistance to the flow of the oil, it may also be brought into the oil again and block hydraulic components. The small orifice of the damper will cause the component to malfunction, so it should be cleaned regularly. There are two types of cleaning methods: one is to remove the various parts of the pipeline for cleaning. Generally, this method is used for oil circuit blocks, hoses and pipes that are easy to disassemble. The other is cleaning using a cleaning circuit.

Six, regular filtering or replacement of hydraulic oil

Filtration of oil is a method of forcibly removing impurities in the oil. It can control the impurities of the oil within a specified range. For various types of equipment, the interval for forcibly filtering the oil must be established, and the oil must be filtered periodically. In addition to the dirty hydraulic oil, it will oxidize and deteriorate, darken the color, odor or turn milky white with the increase of the use time. In this case, change the oil. The service life of general hydraulic oil is half a year.

The above are the main points for the maintenance of hydraulic machine components introduced by the Induction Heating Pipe Bending Machine supplier.

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