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1. How much time does it take for a process to quickly drop the pointer of the pressure gauge of Hydraulic Press to zero? If there is a certain amount of work to fall to zero, then the biggest can be the cylinder piston oil;

2. If it is a handle, it will immediately become zero. It is necessary to determine whether the oil pump is still open and whether the direction of the oil pump rotation is correct.

3. If the direction of rotation is changed, it is necessary to view the circuit;

4. If the direction has not changed, you should check your two solenoid valves that control the pressure and pressure relief. It is very problematic for these two valves;

5, Wholesale Hydraulic Press pressure in the system to use what components to maintain pressure, if it is a one-way valve, it is very possible that the one-way valve is not tight.

Hydraulic Press

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