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The Induction Pipe Bending Machine is a kind of equipment capable of bending the pipe fittings. It is mainly used in the fields of automobile manufacturing, ships, bridges, road construction, etc. It can be said that its use is very large and has become an indispensable industrial production. Equipment, the operation of the bender has manual and automatic differences, so what is the difference between them?

A manual Induction Bending Machine

1. It has stable processing quality and high processing precision.

2. It can process parts with complex shapes and can coordinate multi-coordinates.

3. Generally only need to change the NC program to save production preparation time.

4. The technical requirements for maintenance personnel are higher.

2. Automatic pipe bending machine

1. Long service life and more economical use in the long run.

2. Save labor and reduce business costs.

3. The mechanization efficiency is higher, and the later mass production is relatively large.

Induction Pipe Bending Machine

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