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Hydraulic press is used for modulating, pressing, cold stamping and bending process of pressure processing machinery, it is one of the earliest applications of hydraulic transmission machinery.  hydraulic system from Hydraulic Press Factory is used for the main transmission of the machine, mainly for pressure control, high system pressure, flow

Large and powerful, special attention should be paid to how to improve system efficiency and prevent hydraulic impact.

(1) the way of water entering hydraulic cylinder

Mechanical failure, such as bad bee, cooling coil leakage, etc.

2. In the hot and humid climate, the oil tank breathes in

3. Pollution caused by damp working environment, underground, water and rain, etc

(2) water damage to hydraulic cylinder

1. Can react with hydraulic oil, travel through acid, gel and mud, and water can separate out additives in oil

2. Reduce the lubricating property and the trace water dissolved in the hydraulic oil can accelerate the wear of high-stress components

3. Water can cause the binding of the control valve, causing cavitation damage at the pump inlet or other low-pressure parts

Corrode and rust the metal

(3) solutions

1. Strengthen the detection of water content in oil

2. Oil tank breathing hole mounting dryer

3. Install adsorption drying filter in the system

Hydraulic press

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