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1 When the general hydraulic press is cleaned, hydraulic oil or test oil for work is often used. However, kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam, or other liquids should not be used to prevent corrosion of hydraulic components, piping, fuel tanks, and seals.

2 During the cleaning process, the hydraulic pump is running and the cleaning medium is heated simultaneously. When the temperature of the cleaning fluid is 50-80 ° C, the rubber slag in the hydraulic machine is easily removed.

3 During the cleaning process, the non-metallic hammer rod can be used to strike the oil pipe, which can be continuously tapped to remove the deposits in the pipeline.

4 hydraulic pump gap operation is conducive to improve the cleaning effect, the intermittent time is generally 10-30min

5 Install a filter or strainer on the return line of the cleaning circuit. At the beginning of cleaning, due to the high amount of impurities, an 80-mesh filter can be used; in the later stage of cleaning, a filter of 150 mesh or more is used.

6 cleaning time is generally 48-60h, which depends on the complexity of the system, filtration accuracy requirements and pollution levels.

7 Hydraulic press from hydraulic press Manufacturer In order to prevent corrosion caused by external moisture, the hydraulic pump should continue to run until the temperature returns to normal.

8 After cleaning the hydraulic press, remove the cleaning oil from the circuit.

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