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The bending process of the Induction Bending Machine with different process objects of the pipe bending machine is different. The structure of the CNC pipe bending machine is divided into three ways:

1. Use CNC system; this can be directly programmed according to different bending requirements. It is more powerful and free, but requires high level of programming by the operator to control!

2. The use of PLG combined with position, touch screen, AC servo drive unit; this way supports xyz coordinates, high hardware reliability, easier to develop.

3. Using the software's visual program mode; nowadays computer intelligence is developing rapidly, making full use of computer resources. This method not only has the second way, but also the function of numerical control elbow mechanical interference.

Since the 1990s, China's economy has developed rapidly, the demand for various infrastructures has continued to grow, and the requirements for metal pipes have become higher and higher, and its shape has become more complicated. Therefore, it has also urged the continuous updating of the pipe bending machine system of Induction Heating Bender Exporter. The traditional two-dimensional pipe bending machine has gradually faded out of the market, and the three-dimensional pipe bending machine came into being, which is the CNC pipe bending machine!

Induction Bending Machine

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