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The main frame and the base of Hydro Tester are integrated and designed for casting, with high stability, good rigidity and no assembly error. The column is symmetrical before and after, and the pendulum shaft is supported by a simple support beam. The structure is simple and reliable, the machining precision is high, the energy loss is small, and the pendulum swings without shaking, which is more suitable for high energy impact.

The circular pendulum design reduces wind resistance to a small extent. The impact knives are screw-mounted with a screw-fastening wedge block for easy and simple replacement. The plug and the pendulum are rigid to prevent the pendulum from shaking in the axial and radial directions after impacting the sample.

The whole Hydrostatic Testing Machine is equipped with a fully enclosed protective net, which can effectively prevent the splashing of the broken sample and prevent the tester from entering the inside of the testing machine during the test. The protective net is provided with a door position switch. When the protective door is opened, the test opportunity is self-locking, and the main operation is invalid, thereby preventing misoperation and ensuring the safety of the test personnel.

The joint labor test machine pays attention to each production detail in the production process, keeps improving, core hardware and software technology absorbs international advanced technology, and upgrades every year, conforms to domestic and international trends, closely follows market needs, mature machining and finishing production lines. Finished or non-standard design according to user requirements, prompt delivery. Key components adhere to the imported configuration to ensure reliable performance quality.

Hydro Tester

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