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  IF bending machine is the important equipment in pipe for petrochemical, electric power, construction and other construction and its working principle is using medium frequency power supply of steel tube (including low alloy pipe, stainless steel pipe) for heating, while the pole speed, the heating part of the tube walking along the path is formed with a certain curvature radius and angle of the elbow. At present, some equipment can not obtain satisfactory effect, bending forming process always for velocity and temperature control caused by improper cracking of pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness of the uneven defects. For if bender in the temperature control in the process of measurement accuracy is low, wide temperature fluctuations, the interference source and design if bending machine temperature control system, PLC control technology, using two-color infrared temperature measurement method and adaptive PID control technology into intermediate frequency bending tube machine temperature control system, enhances the accuracy of system adjustment, and bending machine data acquisition of real-time display and storage, to meet the needs of practical application.


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