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      PLC program control of hydraulic Elbow Machine, good reliability, high production efficiency, it is worth promoting.

   Programmable logic controller PLC is widely used in all walks of life in the automatic control, especially in the industrial production line and single hydraulic elbow machine control, more show a unique advantage. Because in these work, controlled action, complex control logic, if using traditional relay control, need relay, wiring cumbersome, so the failure rate is high, maintenance is difficult. The PLC control can make the connection is simplified, and convenient installation, small volume, strong function, easy programming, reliable work. Especially in the process of changing, without any hardware changes, only need to modify or update the original program can be achieved.

     The hydraulic elbow machine PLC automatic control, not only improve work efficiency, save a lot of time, also provides automatic production more reliable security for the enterprise, improve economic efficiency.

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