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The working principle of induction pipe bending machine is use the intermediate frequency power heating steel pipe while the steel heating speed, so that part of the pipe walking along the predetermined track to get the formation of curved curvature of the radius of curvature and angle. After the first pipe is installed in place, the radius of curvature of the rotating device is adjusted by the rocker arm guide screw drive device. The intermediate frequency induction heating coil is heated to a certain temperature to bend the pipe and powered by a hydraulic pressure. The car will pipe forward, the platform four round of wheel clamping tube, along the bend radius adjustment in the steel pipe deformation and bending deformation, cooling water, in order to obtain the required fittings. In order to prevent the heating pipe is oval, the pipe of induction pipe bending machine deformation before heating.

Induction pipe bending machine also called induction bending machine, induction heating bender. We can supply induction pipe bending machine with high quality.

induction pipe bending machine

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