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We may have heard of induction heating bender. Do you want to know how to produced the induction heating bender? Below we simply introduce:

Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the blank is placed in an alternating magnetic field, which generates an induced current inside the blank, thereby generating Joule heat to heat the billet.

The workpiece is placed in the inductor, and the inductor is a hollow copper tube which is in the input of the intermediate frequency or high-frequency alternating current. Alternating magnetic field induced current to produce the same frequency in the workpiece, the induced current is not uniform in distribution on the surface of workpiece, strong, and in the internal core is weak, to close to 0, the use of the skin effect, can make the rapid heating of the workpiece surface, in a few seconds, the surface temperature rises 800-1000 C, and the core temperature is very small.

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high quality induction heating benders

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