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This high quality beveling machine is applicable for processing pipe or pipe fittings with diameter between 60 and 813mm, wall thickness between 4mm and 180mm, including seamless steel pipes, pipe elbows, and pipe tees. It supports cutting of U or V shaped bevels.

The features of high quality beveling machine

1.The high speed pipe and fittings beveling machine offers beveling speed not higher than 5Min / bevel (DN200 SCH40).

2.Before bevel cutting, the pipe or pipe fittings should be cut off using other equipment such as a band saw.

3.The equipment offers very good bevel cutting quality.

4.It is designed with a height-adjustable rolling bracket to support long workpieces, and the bracket can make sure pipes with varied diameter are concentric to facilitate bevel cutting. The height of the supporting bracket can be adjusted manually.

5.The pipe beveling machine is safe and convenient for use. It combines the advantages of various pipe bevel machines, and can be manufactured according clients' demands.

Liming is a professional beveling machine factory, we can provide high quality beveling machine with competitive price.

Do you know Liming high quality beveling machine?

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