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A Hydraulic Press is a machine that uses liquid as a working medium and is based on the Pascal principle to transfer energy to achieve various processes. So what is the working principle of the hydraulic machine? Induction Heating Pipe Bending Machine suppliers will come to tell you.

The principle of the hydraulic press is that there are many types of machines that use Pascal's law to use liquid pressure transmission. Of course, the use is also varied according to needs. For example, according to the type of liquid that transmits pressure, there are two types of hydraulic presses and Pipe Expanding Machine.

Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press

The basic principle is that the oil pump delivers the hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge valve block, and the hydraulic oil is distributed to the upper chamber or the lower chamber of the cylinder through the respective one-way valve and the relief valve, and the cylinder is moved under the action of the high-pressure oil. Hydraulic Press Machine are devices that use liquid to transfer pressure. Pascal's law is followed when the liquid transfers pressure in a closed container. The hydraulic drive system of the four-column hydraulic press consists of a power mechanism, a control mechanism, an actuator, an auxiliary mechanism and a working medium. The power mechanism usually uses an oil pump as a power mechanism, and is generally a product type oil pump. In order to meet the requirements of the speed of the actuator, an oil pump or multiple oil pumps are used. Gear pump for low pressure ; vane pump for medium pressure ; plunger pump for high pressure . Pressure processing and forming of various plastic materials, such as extrusion, bending, deep drawing of stainless steel sheets and cold forming of metal parts, and also for pressing of powder products, grinding wheels, bakelite, and resin thermosetting products.

The above is the working principle of the hydraulic machine introduced by the Pipe Expanding Machine Supplier, I hope to help everyone.

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