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With the application of Pipe Bender more and more widely, we must consider a problem, namely the energy consumption of pipe bender. As an important part of its production cost, it is possible to pass the test only by reducing the utilization rate of the hydraulic pipe bender. It is found that the biggest energy consumption of the pipe bender is mainly the intervention of the hydraulic system oil pump. This is where energy conservation begins, reducing overall costs and making products more competitive in the marketplace.

Pipe Bender

Pipe Bender

From this point of view, the installation of variable frequency speed regulating device is an effective method. It can be converted to AC power by the inverter, and then converted to ac power of different frequencies by the inverter, and output to the motor, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving. In the process of reforming Hydraulic Pipe Bender, the form of power frequency and frequency conversion is generally adopted. At the same time, the influence of environmental conditions, grid voltage, load and other factors must be fully considered. Try to use the power line and control line of the hydraulic energy saving speed regulation device to separate the line, the control line should be screened. Do not forget to enhance the anti-interference ability of frequency conversion energy-saving speed regulating device.

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