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Regarding the unique performance of the intermediate frequency Induction Bending Machine, some opinions of this article, our factory has its own point of view on the unique performance of the intermediate frequency bending pipe. The intermediate frequency bending pipe is also widely used by us, then its unique performance is:

◆Medium frequency pipe bending machine medium frequency pipe bending can process parts with large size range and complex shape, such as stopwatch as small as clock, large to automotive longitudinal beam, cover, etc., plus cold deformation hardening effect of material during stamping The strength and rigidity of the stamping are both high.

◆ Medium-frequency pipe bending machine Medium-frequency pipe bending processing has high production efficiency, easy operation and easy mechanization and automation. This is because the stamping is done according to the die and the punching equipment. The number of strokes of the ordinary press is up to several tens of times per minute, and the high-speed pressure can be hundreds or even thousands of times per minute, and each press stroke It is possible to get a punch.

◆Medium frequency pipe bending machine Medium-frequency pipe bending When stamping, the size and shape accuracy of the stamping part are guaranteed, and the surface medium-frequency bending tube of the stamping part is generally not damaged, and the life of the mold is generally long, so the quality of the stamping is stable. It has good interchangeability and has the characteristics of " exactly the same".

Induction Bending Machine

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