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The medium frequency Hot Bending Machine is a new type of pipe bending device with the function of bending pipe and the function of the topping. It has many advantages such as reasonable structure, safe operation, convenient operation, reasonable price, fast loading and unloading, and multi-purpose use. It has a large market share in China. Before the operation of the pipe bending equipment, it is allowed to carry out no-load operation. After acknowledging the normal operation, the pipe bend should be selected according to the machining pipe diameter, and should be placed in order. Non-operating and assisting personnel are not allowed to stay near the machine during work. After the operation, the power supply should be blocked, the electric box should be locked, and the well should be well maintained.

The initial spacing of the processing jaws of the intermediate frequency Steel Pipe Bending Machine is slightly larger than the sum of the jaw spacing after the upper forging, the top bank of the bending machine and the burning residue. Generally speaking, the thickness of the steel strip is larger when the pipe bending machine is processed, and the initial interval of the jaws is larger; the width of the steel strip is larger, and the initial interval of the jaws is larger. After the pipe bending machine is machined, the gap between the jaws is selected according to the thickness of the strip. The bending interval is too large to form a lap weld and change. If the interval is too small, the temperature difference along the welded section will be large. The thinner the thickness of the tube bending machine, the smaller the gap between the jaws after the upsetting. For steel strips with a thickness of 2 - 4.5 mm, the tube bending machine usually selects the upper forging jaws with a spacing of 12 - 18 mm.

Hot Bending Machine

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