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The Elbow Beveling Machine is a new product developed in the past few years. It is widely used in the pipe fittings industry. Its use effect is very good. It solves the standard high-demand elbow production for the enterprise, which brings great to the enterprise. Convenience. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient material retrieval, simple operation, no pollution of air, and saving time and labor.

The operator of the elbow machine must do a safety check when using the Elbow Pushing Machine. Make sure that the elbow machine can work normally safely and stably. Xiaobian gives you a few things to pay attention to. I hope that everyone can use the elbow machine correctly and do not have any unexpected things.

Before the cold pusher is used, the machine must have a good grounding and the wire must not be smaller than the standard size copper cord. The power supply voltage exceeding the specified range is not allowed. The plug-in cannot be plugged in. The ohmmeter cannot be used to measure the control loop, otherwise the electrical device may be damaged. When the connector is plugged or unplugged, the wire or the cable cannot be pulled to prevent the soldering from being pulled off. When approaching the switch, the encoder or the like cannot be hit with a hard object. Do not use a sharp object to collide with the display unit. The electrical box must be placed in a dry and ventilated area. Do not work in dusty or corrosive gases. It is also not allowed to install and change the input and output terminals privately. The steering of the motor must be reconfirmed when changing the machine power supply. Keep the machine tool clean, especially when it comes to clamping. When the slider slides, there should be no foreign objects. Regular lubrication in the chain and other parts. The cold push elbow machine must disconnect the power supply during cleaning and inspection. When pressure adjustment is required, the electromagnetic relief valve is used to adjust the pressure to ensure that the pressure of the system can reach the required working pressure, and is generally not higher than the specified range.

Elbow Beveling Machine

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