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1. If the Steel Pipe Bending Machine drives the gears and the gear ring only when it starts, there is no idling sound, and there is no real bite. Most of the reasons for this situation may be that the shape of the nipper of the gear ring is deformed, or the gap between the gear and the gear ring is too large to achieve the occlusion. Therefore, the MF bender engine fails to start, and only the wheel is activated. Make a idling sound.

2. If the gear and the gear ring rotate together after the power is turned on, it may be that the coil contacts the terminal of the power supply. It is also possible that the three lines on the key switch of the intermediate frequency bender are connected incorrectly.

Of course, for Pipe Bending Machine, too low temperatures will also affect their work. Therefore, when operating the intermediate frequency pipe bending machine in winter, the temperature of the operating space must be ensured first.

Steel Pipe Bending Machine

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