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A Hydraulic Press Machine is a machine that uses liquid as a working medium and is based on the Pascal principle to transfer energy to achieve various processes. The hydraulic machine generally consists of three parts: the machine (main unit), the power system and the hydraulic control system. Hydraulic presses are classified into valve hydraulic presses, liquid hydraulic presses, and engineering hydraulic presses.

There are many reasons why the hydraulic press can not rise in the actual work. There are many types of hydraulic presses, but the principle of the integrated hydraulic press is used for analysis. The Hydraulic Press Supplier below tells you why the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic press is too low. And solutions.

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine

1. Common sense work error. Although this phenomenon is relatively simple, it should also attract the attention of the hydraulic machine staff. For example, the three-phase connection is reversed, the height of the fuel tank oil is not able to reach the specified value, and the pressure regulating valve is not adjusted to high pressure (that is, The relief valve is not adjusted.) This phenomenon usually occurs when a new employee uses the hydraulic press for the first time.

2. The power of the hydraulic press is not enough. It usually appears on the old machine, or the hydraulic pump is worn out, or the motor is aging. At this time, the palm of the hand can be attached to the outer wall of the oil inlet pipe (that is, the pipe connecting the hydraulic pump to the fuel tank). Hydraulic machine, if the suction force is large when the machine presses the workpiece, the hydraulic pump will be no problem, and vice versa; the motor aging is rare. If the motor is really aging, it will generate a lot of noise, because the motor can not afford the oil pump. The motor is affected, so the sound will be loud.

3. The hydraulic machine leaks oil. First check carefully whether there is any obvious oil leakage on the surface of the machine (hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic circuit that plays the role of connection); if not, then the oil seal of the piston is damaged, this is placed next to it. Because unless you can't find a solution, you can remove the hydraulic cylinder to change the oil seal (sealing ring).

4, the hydraulic valve is broken, the valve is blocked, the internal spring is stuck by impurities, can not be reset will cause the pressure of the hydraulic machine can not be raised, if it is a manual reversing valve, then take it off and wash it (just put the big screw above Unscrew it and take out all the parts inside and wash it again, then blow it back, and then put it back in order.) If it is an integrated hydraulic valve, you need to disassemble the corresponding hair piece to check and clean it, according to the original method. It will be fine.

5, the hydraulic gauge is broken, replace the new hydraulic gauge.

So how should the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic press be too low? Below the Beveling Machine Exporter to tell everyone.

The oil level should be checked first; if the oil level is lower than the lowest scale, the oil should be replenished; if the oil level is normal, the inlet and outlet pipes should be inspected for leakage. If there is oil leakage, it should be excluded. If the inlet and outlet pipes are well sealed, the working conditions of the inlet and outlet pressure valves should be checked. If the inlet and outlet pressure valves cannot be closed, they should be removed and checked for cracks or scratches on the parts, whether the oil and oil holes are Smooth, and whether the spring stiffness is small, the problem should be solved in time. If the pressure valve is normal, the hydraulic press should remove the tubing or filter to check. If there is blockage, it should be cleaned and the sediment should be removed; if the oil pipe is unblocked, check the hydraulic pump and replace the hydraulic pump if necessary. If the hydraulic oil is foaming, check the installation of the oil pipe, such as the oil level of the return pipe. In the oil level of the oil pool, the oil return pipe should be re-applied.

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