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Pipe bending machine refers to the machine used for bending pipe can also be used for jacks. It is roughly divided into CNC pipe bending machine, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine, etc. It is used for pipeline construction and repair of electric power construction, public railway construction, bridges and ships. So what are the applicable skills of the bender?

1. High processing precision, quality stable pipe bending machine adopts a variety of technical measures to improve machining accuracy and ensure quality stability:

First, the pipe bending machine is automatically controlled by the numerical control program, and in the working process, manual intervention is generally not required, which eliminates the operator's artificial error or error;

Secondly, the mechanical structure of the pipe bending machine is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of precision machine tools. It uses high-precision transmission components such as ball screws and rolling guides, and has high rigidity, good thermal stability and anti-vibration performance.

2. Flexible automation with wide adaptability

Due to the use of numerical control program control, the general-purpose tooling is used in the processing. As long as the NC program is changed, the automatic processing of new parts can be realized. Therefore, it can adapt to the requirements of the current market competition for the continuous upgrading of products, and solve various varieties and Medium and small batch production automation issues.

3. Can realize the processing of complex parts

Because the Pipe Bender Machine adopts computer interpolation and multi-coordinate linkage control technology, it can realize arbitrary trajectory movement and process any spatial surface with complex shapes, which can be easily completed, such as propeller, steam turbine blade, automobile shape stamping die, etc. Processing of complex surface parts.

4. High production efficiency

The pipe bender minimizes maneuvering time and auxiliary time required for part machining, significantly increasing production efficiency.

First, the feed motion of the bender and most of the main motions are stepless speed regulation, and the speed adjustment range is large. Therefore, the optimum cutting speed and feed speed can be selected for each process;

Second, good structural rigidity and vibration resistance allow the machine to use large cutting volumes and strong cutting;

Thirdly, it is generally not necessary to stop the inspection of the workpiece, thereby effectively reducing the downtime in the machining of the machine tool;

Induction Heating Pipe Bending Machine

Induction Heating Pipe Bending Machine

Fourth, the moving parts of the machine tool adopt automatic acceleration and deceleration measures in the positioning, so high idle motion speed can be selected, which greatly saves the auxiliary movement time;

Fifth, the machining center can adopt automatic tool change and automatic exchange workbench. The workpiece can be multi-faceted and multi-processed in one time, which greatly reduces the auxiliary time such as workpiece clamping and tool setting.

Sixth, the concentration of processing steps can reduce the turnover of parts, reduce the number of equipment and plant area, and bring great convenience to production scheduling management.

5. Reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions

Since the operator of the pipe bending machine mainly operates the automatic machining of the machine tool by using the operation panel, the labor intensity of the operator is greatly reduced, the production conditions are improved, and a plurality of machine tools can be easily managed by one person.

6. Conducive to modern production and management

The use of pipe bending machine for processing, can easily and accurately calculate the processing time of parts or automatic processing statistics, can accurately calculate production and processing costs, and is conducive to the scientific management of the production process. Pipe bending machines are the basis for advanced manufacturing systems such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, group control or distributed control, flexible manufacturing systems, and computer integrated manufacturing systems.

The above is the applicable skill of the bender introduced by the supplier of Induction Heating Pipe Bending Machine. Have you learned it?

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