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Hydraulic Press Machine and equipment mostly have a certain service life, the machine has been running for a long time, it is inevitable that various accessories are faulty, such as pump loss, motor aging and other problems. If you notice a problem with the pump, put the palm of your hand on the oil inlet pipe (the hydraulic pump is connected to the fuel tank) Pipe) Look, if the suction force is large when the machine works to press the workpiece, the hydraulic pump will be fine. Instead, it is necessary to check to see if there is a fault. There are many reasons why the pressure of the hydraulic press can't be changed. If you don't know what type of machine is, you can start with some basic maintenance knowledge. When the hydraulic system of the construction machinery is under pressure or completely no pressure, where should the diagnosis be started? The following Pipe Expanding Machine manufacturers will come to tell you.

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine 

First check if the hydraulic pump can output oil. If there is no output, it may be: the pump is not turning correctly; the parts are seriously worn or damaged; the suction pipe resistance is too large (the oil filter is clogged, the oil viscosity is too large, etc.) or the air leaks. If it is a new pump, it may be that the pump body has casting defects (such as blisters, etc.), causing the oil suction chamber to communicate with the oil pressure chamber and lose the oil pressure capacity; the input power of the pump is insufficient or the pump shaft is twisted to make the pump output oil pressure can't reach working pressure or lose oil.

If the hydraulic pump has oil output, check each oil return pipe to see which component is spilled. If the return line overflows, it may be caused by the low pressure set by the hydraulic valve. At this time, the pressure regulating spring of the relief valve can be tightened. If the pressure does not change, it may be that the main valve core of the relief valve or the tapered valve body of the pilot portion is contaminant or stuck in the opening position due to corrosion; or Loss of function due to spring breakage; or because the orifice is blocked, the oil output from the pump flows directly back to the tank through the overflow valve, resulting in insufficient or no pressure. The solution is to disassemble the overflow valve and clean it; check or replace the spring to restore its performance.

Then check if the relief valve is working properly. If it is not normal, it may be that a valve in the pressure oil circuit is dirty or other reasons are stuck, in the oil return position, causing the pressure oil circuit to communicate with the overflow circuit. It is also possible that the pipe joint is loose, or some of the valves in the pressure oil line are leaking seriously, or the seals of the hydraulic cylinder and the hydraulic motor are damaged, causing serious leakage. The method of elimination is to disassemble the relevant valve components for cleaning, check the size of the seal gap and various sealing devices. If the seal is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

Look again at the output flow of the hydraulic pump. If the flow rate decreases significantly with increasing pressure, and the pressure does not reach the specified value, it is due to the increase in clearance after the hydraulic pump wears. Remedy: Determine the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump to determine whether the pump can continue to be used. For parts with severe wear, repair or replace.

Finally check whether the entire hydraulic system can establish normal pressure. Some pipes or hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic motors) have no pressure, or they may be blocked by components such as pipes, throttles, and directional valves. The pressure and the presence or absence of oil should be checked piece by piece to find out the cause and eliminate it.

The above is a description of the manufacturer of Induction Heating Pipe Bending Machine about the diagnosis of hydraulic press pressure, I hope to help everyone.

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