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The Hydro Tester for ERW Pipe is a machine that works by converting mechanical energy into pressure energy. It has an independent kinetic energy transmission device and a dedicated electrical control system, generally using button centralized control, or PLC programming control. The hydraulic machine can realize three operation modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Suitable for stretching, bending, flanging, correction, press-fit, hot and cold extrusion, punching, forming and other processes. Widely used in powder molding, plastic products, hardware machinery, sheet stretching; presses, flanging, and calibration of various industries.

The Hydro Tester adopts a two-way cartridge valve, which has less leakage, reliable operation, long use time, anti-noise, and low requirements on the working environment. The machine's no-load speed, the stroke and range of pressing and returning can be adjusted according to the process requirements, and the ejection process can be completed to facilitate the take-out of the workpiece. Can complete the stretching process and timing, constant pressure, fixed process and other process options. The operation of holding pressure delay can be carried out according to the process requirements.

Hydro Tester for ERW Pipe

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