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1. In the core bending mode during operation, before returning the bending arm, the operator from Induction Pipe Bending Machine Supplier must ensure that the core is inside the pipe, or ensure that the mandrel does not block when the bending arm returns. Otherwise, the core or the core may be bent or Broken.

2. When the speed of the side push cylinder is manually adjusted, the arm should be adjusted when it is rotated. The adjustment speed is the line speed synchronization of the edge of the arm bending elbow mold. It is forbidden to push the pushing speed faster than the edge speed of the rotating mold in the manual state. However, it should be noted that when adjusting the bender, the adjuster should press the button to adjust.

3. When the Induction Pipe Bending Machine is working, all personnel are forbidden to enter the space range of the swivel arm and the pipe fittings. That is, when the automatic pipe bending machine is started, the human body must not enter the range of the swivel arm swept.

Induction Pipe Bending Machine

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