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The principle of wholesale induction heating bender is to use the Joule effect of the vortex in the workpiece to heat the workpiece. This heating method has the characteristics of high efficiency, clear control and less pollution, and has been widely used in industrial production. With the widespread use of induction heaters, how to set the parameters of the induction coils so that the induction heaters meet the performance requirements of the heated workpiece has become a common concern. The traditional design method is to use the resistance status of the coil in the whole circuit, and calculate and set the induction coil parameters of the induction heater by a series of formula relationships. This design does not make the induction heater work efficiently, and the measurement cost is high. Nowadays, it is chosen to use alternating current to generate alternating magnetic field, so that the induction heater from Induction Heating Bender Supplier is less subject to external disturbance, high heating power, energy saving, and energy consumption reduction. Very modern and green, no pollution. It can also heat the shape of the messy workpiece, the heating is safe, the temperature is uniform, and the quality of the produced product is good.

wholesale induction heating bender

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