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1. Divided into carbon steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, plastic, argon, PVC, PPR, RFPP (reinforced polypropylene).

2. Divided by the production method of Hydraulic Elbow Machine Manufacturer can be divided into push, press, forge, casting and so on.

3. According to the manufacturing standards, it can be divided into national standard, electric standard, ship standard, chemical standard, water standard, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard and Russian standard.

4. According to its radius of curvature: can be divided into long radius elbow and short radius elbow of hydraulic press. The long radius elbow refers to the outer diameter of the tube whose radius of curvature is equal to 1.5 times, that is, R = 1.5D. A short radius elbow means that its radius of curvature is equal to the outer diameter of the tube, ie R = 1.0D. (D is the elbow diameter and R is the radius of curvature).

5. According to the pressure level: about seventeen, and the United States pipe standards are the same: Sch5s, Sch10s, Sch10, Sch20, Sch30, Sch40s, STD, Sch40, Sch60, Sch80s, XS; Sch80, SCH100, Sch120, Sch140, Sch160, XXS; the most commonly used are STD and XS.

6. According to different shapes, it can be divided into: grooved elbow, ferrule elbow, double bearing elbow, flange elbow, reaming elbow, dull elbow, inner and outer elbow, punch elbow , push the elbow, socket elbow, butt weld elbow, inner wire elbow, etc.


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