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Since the sudden release of the liquid storage capacity in the hydraulic cylinder can cause vibration, the pad can be thickened on the worktable, and the storage amount of the liquid elastic compression energy in the working cylinder can be reduced to reduce the vibration, and the working table and the lower mold of the Hydraulic Press can be reduced. A pad of a certain thickness is added between the moving beam, and the working stroke of the moving beam is reduced to reduce the volume of the upper cavity of the working cylinder when the load is suddenly lost, thereby reducing the stored elastic energy of the liquid in disguise; the liquid control one-way valve in the four-column hydraulic machine A one-way throttle valve is installed on the oil control line, the throttle valve is adjusted to control the gap of the hydraulic control flow, the movement speed of the control piston is lowered, and the opening time of the main valve of the hydraulic control check valve is extended, and the main valve spool is first opened. The small unloading valve then opens the main valve, and only the extended pressure relief time can eliminate the impact of shock and vibration; the series plunger is used to evenly divide the working cylinder and the plunger into upper and lower sections, and the upper and lower plungers and moving beam are separated when the air is down.

Drop together, after the workpiece is touched, the upper cylinder drain port will be closed, the lower cylinder upper chamber enters the lower pressure chamber of the pressure oil to drain the oil, pushing the plunger and the moving beam together to press down, and suddenly the upper cylinder plunger remains unmoved when the load is lost, the lower chamber Plunger Health downward impulse hydraulic machine from Wholesale Hydraulic Tee Machine does not require large energy of the piston stroke, the lower cylinder chamber volume is small, so the hydraulic fluid reservoir is relatively small elasticity, thus reducing the shock and vibration.

Hydraulic Press

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