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    Induction pipe bending machine in order to effectively control the bending ellipse, the first from the design,the use of anti deformation principle and hydraulic servo system design a set of self feedback pre press device, It is equipped with a displacement sensor and an ellipse measuring instrument, and can be real-time detection and real-time adjustment in the whole process of bending pipe, which can effectively control the ellipse degree due to the bending of the steel pipe.

    In theory, as long as the amount of pre deformatio control is appropriate, the elliptical deformation of bending pipe can be controlled in the standard range, and even can be offset from each other. Due to the complex working conditions of induction pipe bending machine,On the amount of flatting pipe size is hard to theoretical analysis methods to quantitative calculation, mostly to the actual production
experience, and to amend and supplement them in actual production.

    In addition, in the process to take some measures are necessary, such as in the adjacent to the induction heating coil tracking (the exit pipe end) the addition of anti flat guide roller, can effectively prevent the bending section of ellipse degree standard.

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