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   The technology of Tee machine: Using the tube as raw material. Through applying pressure  to the inner of tube,Applied load in the axial direction,Make it happen in the mold cavity plastic deformation , make pipe wall and the inner surface of mould fit, the required shape parts.For small size of fillet, it is difficult to form. To solve it, we adopt the forming technology of sectional press, namely, first expanding the tube with small pressure, then a big fillet can be obtained, and in the process of changing, wall thickness is uniform. Then by increasing the pressure, the shape of tube will change according to the mould, and wall thickness will be thinner, finally, we can obtain the tee.
    The principle of Tee Machine: First, putting the tube into the mould. Secondly, to make the tube cavity seal,  the  pushers of plunger are pressed on both of side of tube under the action of hydraulic cylinder. Then injecting liquid into the tube cavity by the channel of pusher, at the same time, the mould is closed. Finally, the liquid pressure controlled by high-pressure pump and valve increases constantly, and the pusher pushes the tube, then the tee can be formed.

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